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Asynchronous I2C Hardware Abstraction Layer


void i2c_transfer_asynch (i2c_t *obj, const void *tx, size_t tx_length, void *rx, size_t rx_length, uint32_t address, uint32_t stop, uint32_t handler, uint32_t event, DMAUsage hint)
 Start I2C asynchronous transfer. More...
uint32_t i2c_irq_handler_asynch (i2c_t *obj)
 The asynchronous IRQ handler. More...
uint8_t i2c_active (i2c_t *obj)
 Attempts to determine if the I2C peripheral is already in use. More...
void i2c_abort_asynch (i2c_t *obj)
 Abort asynchronous transfer. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ i2c_transfer_asynch()

void i2c_transfer_asynch ( i2c_t obj,
const void *  tx,
size_t  tx_length,
void *  rx,
size_t  rx_length,
uint32_t  address,
uint32_t  stop,
uint32_t  handler,
uint32_t  event,
DMAUsage  hint 

Start I2C asynchronous transfer.

objThe I2C object
txThe transmit buffer
tx_lengthThe number of bytes to transmit
rxThe receive buffer
rx_lengthThe number of bytes to receive
addressThe address to be set - 8bit or 11bit
stopIf true, stop will be generated after the transfer is done
handlerThe I2C IRQ handler to be set
eventEvent mask for the transfer. See I2C Events Macros
hintDMA hint usage

◆ i2c_irq_handler_asynch()

uint32_t i2c_irq_handler_asynch ( i2c_t obj)

The asynchronous IRQ handler.

objThe I2C object which holds the transfer information
Event flags if a transfer termination condition was met, otherwise return 0.

◆ i2c_active()

uint8_t i2c_active ( i2c_t obj)

Attempts to determine if the I2C peripheral is already in use.

objThe I2C object
Non-zero if the I2C module is active or zero if it is not

◆ i2c_abort_asynch()

void i2c_abort_asynch ( i2c_t obj)

Abort asynchronous transfer.

This function does not perform any check - that should happen in upper layers.

objThe I2C object